The Rise of LeafLink


In this episode, Brandon welcomes founder Ryan Smith of LeafLink to the show. Ryan was the first cannabis founder on the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016. He also just raised $10 million to expand LeafLink to California. LeafLink helps brands and retailers streamline their processes, and in November 2017 they handled $16 million in transactions on their platform. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with one of the most impressive founders in the cannabis industry.

New West Summit Delivery Panel

In this extra special throwback episode, Brandon moderates the exciting and highly contentious "Weed on Wheels" Delivery Panel at New West Summit 2017. Panelists include: CEO of Eaze - Jim Patterson, CEO of Meadow - David Hua, CEO of Speedweed - AJ Gentile, and Zachary Brown, President of Operations at Pot Valet. This hour long panel dives deep into delivery marketing, operations, and CA regulations. In addition, a green room skirmish bled out onto the panel as fake online reviews were a trending topic. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted!

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Compliance Software that Wurks!

Wurk Head Shots--055.jpg

In this episode, Brandon welcomes founder Keegan Peterson of Wurk to the show. Keegan and his team have built the best product suite of compliance, payroll, and scheduling in the cannabis industry. With a seed round raise of $3 million and experience in Canopy Boulder, Keegan and his team are ready to crush it as we approach legalization in California for 2018. Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

The New Cannabis Retail Experience with Ryan Sterling of GreenScreens

ryan sterling green screens.jpg

In this episode, Brandon interviews Ryan Sterling, one of the founders of GreenScreens. GreenScreens is a Canopy Boulder company that has created a unique cannabis retail experience via an in-store display network. This marketing channel really helps brands and sales inside the dispensary grow. They are actively raising capital right now, and just pitched at The Arcview Group. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with one of the best new startups in the cannabis industry!

Cassandra Farrington of MJ Biz Daily and MJ Biz Con


In this episode, Brandon welcomes CEO Cassandra Farrington of Marijuana Business Daily to the show. Cassandra not only runs the Wall Street Journal of the cannabis industry in MJ Biz Daily, but she also runs the premier cannabis conference in MJ Biz Con every year. Brandon and Cassandra dive deep into how MJ Biz has evolved, the economics of the conference business, and why they continue to produce the best conference in the industry. The next one is from November 15th-17th in Las Vegas and we have a discount code for you! Use code "InvestingInCannabis50" for $50 off your MJ Biz Con ticket. We will see you at MJ Biz in 2 weeks! Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

Pamela Johnston's Story

pamela johnston.jpg

In this special episode, Brandon interviews Pamela Johnston, formerly an executive at Electrum Partners. Electrum is a top cannabis advisory firm located in Las Vegas. Earlier this year, Pamela was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. In this very sad story, Pamela was then fired from her job after this diagnosis. She's now suing Electrum Partner and their President Leslie Bocskor for wrongful termination and sexual misconduct. This is Pamela's side of the story. Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

Aaron Salz on Cannabis Consulting

Aaron Headshot (1).jpg

On this week's episode, Brandon welcomes Aaron Salz of Stoic Advisory to the show. Everyone in this industry seems to be a consultant now, so we wanted to find out from a highly successful one just what it's like to consult for cannabis businesses. Aaron and Brandon dive deep into how consultants add value, whether they get paid in equity or cash, and what it's like juggling multiple clients with multiple deadlines in the cannabis industry. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted!

Joel Milton of Baker on the Future of Dispensaries

joel milton headshot.jpg

In this episode, Brandon welcomes founder Joel Milton of Baker to the show to talk about how his company is changing the way dispensaries do business. With their platform of products now in almost 500 dispensaries and their recent raise of $3.5 million, Baker is poised to become a fixture in the dispensary space for years. Brandon and Joel dive deep into fundraising, dispensary technology, and lessons he's learned as a founder. Don't forget, this week is New West Summit in Oakland! Use code "ic" for 50% off tickets and come see our host Brandon on Saturday the 14th! Tune in, listen up, get acquainted.

Cannabis Lawyer Turned Operator - Gavin Kogan


In this episode, Brandon welcomes Gavin Kogan of Grupo Flor to the show. Gavin is a former attorney, co-founder of Indus Holdings, and helped bring Dixie Elixirs to the California market. Brandon and Gavin dive deep into Grupo Flor's family of cannabis companies. These include Grupo Properties, Flor Cultivation, 710 Combinator, AG Pistil, and much more. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with one of the top operators in the cannabis industry.

Chuck Rifici - Cannabis King of Canada


On this episode, Brandon welcomes the legendary Chuck Rifici of Nesta Holding Company. As the former co-founder/CEO of Canopy Growth, Chuck has had his finger on the pulse of cannabis in Canada for a number of years. His newest venture, Nesta, has put money into many different startups including Cannabis Wheaton, Feather, Tokyo Smoke, and Wikileaf. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with one of the best founders + investors in the cannabis industry!

Better Sex with Cannabis? Ask Foria

JB FORIA Head Shot (1).JPG

In this episode, our host Brandon has the pleasure of interviewing Jon Brandon. He's the founder of one of the most innovative cannabis companies in the space, Foria. Foria has risen to prominence through expert market positioning, fantastic products, and a strong, grinding team. This interview covers everything from how Foria started, to the intersection of health and wellness, fundraising, and all the other facets that go into building a startup in the cannabis industry. Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

Who Does Snoop Dogg Trust With His Money? Evan Eneman of Casa Verde Capital

In this episode, Brandon interviews the man that Snoop Dogg trusts with his money, Evan Eneman of Casa Verde Capital. Casa Verde has invested in Eaze, Merry Jane, and Leaflink. In addition, Evan and his team have built out more services and partnerships for their portfolio companies including ELLO and Flowershop CA to help support the finance and marketing needs of their investments. Tune in, listen up, and get acquainted with one of the top investors in the cannabis industry!

The Next Great Canadian Cannabis Investment Fund?

In this episode, Brandon welcomes Managing Director Matt Shalhoub of Green Acre Capital to discuss the business of investing in cannabis companies. With investments already in Ample Genetics and Tokyo Smoke, and plenty of capital ready to deploy, Green Acre is looking to become the next great cannabis investment fund from Canada. Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

CEO Alan Gertner on Building an Elevated Brand in Cannabis

In this episode, Brandon welcomes CEO Alan Gertner of Tokyo Smoke to talk about building an upscale brand in cannabis. From coffee shops to clothing to their signature line of cannabis accessories, this brand is growing quickly and pushing the limits on what it means to build an elevated cannabis brand. Learn all about building a company and a brand from a founder doing it right now! Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

Will Cannabis Kill Alcohol? This Founder Think So

In this episode, founder Dooma Wendschuh of Province Brands joins the show to discuss how his company is developing a cannabis beverage that poses a serious threat to the alcohol market. With a vast knowledge of the legal cannabis world, access to capital in Canada, and a team of scientists/researchers developing this product, it won't be long before Dooma and his team allow you to drink cannabis at a bar! Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!

How to Raise Money without giving up Equity

In this episode, Brandon talks with Scott Jordan of Dynamic Alternative Finance about how to raise money without giving up any equity. While the traditional venture model exchanging equity for capital, Scott and his team provide capital in exchange for a high interest loan. This loan is financed by private investors who are turning to cannabis for higher rates of return. As the industry matures, and banks continue to be slow to serve cannabis companies, firms like Dynamic Alternative Finance will continue to provide capital and help founders grow their business. Check out for more info. Tune in, listen up, get acquainted!